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Cancer evidence curated:

Dr. Mike Evans

Let’s make our day harder

Dr. Mike Evans explains the benefits of making our days harder.

Image of It's my life resource

It’s my life – stop cancer before it starts

This interactive prevention tool teaches you about the impact of cancer and how to reduce your risk.

Healthy Canada by design logo

Healthy Canada by design

This resource lets you learn how public health can work more closely with community planners, developers and other stakeholders to ensure that planning and development issues are looked at through a health lens.

Case study image

Active transportation policy case studies

Based on the findings of a multiple case study, these infographics provide an overview of the policy development process and how it relates to active transportation policies in three Canadian municipalities.

Dr. David Mowat

Interview with Dr. David Mowat, Medical Officer of Health

“We have engineered physical activity out of our daily lives,” says Dr. David Mowat. In this video he discusses how urban planning is a health issue and what we can do to address it.

Dr. Scott Wooder

Interview with Dr. Scott Wooder, President, Ontario Medical Association

“Active transportation has tremendous health benefits,” says Dr. Scott Wooder. In this video, he discusses how active transportation is really about health-care savings.

Jennifer Keesmaat

Interview with Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner, City of Toronto

“We can create a direct line between active transportation and our health,” says Jennifer Keesmaat. In this video, she discusses costs in terms of infrastructure investments.

Population Health Report

Where the cancer fight strikes closest to home

A new landmark report, Population Health in Canada’s Largest Cities, assesses differences in the cancer risks of populations in Canada’s largest cities. Led by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the report finds that western municipalities overall have healthier lifestyles than their eastern counterparts, and better cancer risk profiles as a result.

Cancer Care and First Nations: A National Picture

Cancer Care and First Nations: A National Picture

By understanding the unique health concerns and obstacles First Nations must overcome, we can work together to improve First Nations’ cancer patient experience.

@Cancer_Strategy"Canadian Cancer Statistics 2015" by @cancersociety releases on Wed 27, uses our #Cancer Risk Management Model to make projections on future8 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyWatch for Cdn Cancer Society's "Canadian Cancer Statistics 2015" report on Wed 27 May which uses our #cancer risk model to make projections10 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyWe're at the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control’s @CC_ARCC conference. Follow @MArgentKatwala and #ARCC2015 for updates!17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: .@DrAndrewLoblaw shows us that MRI is the future for prostate cancer diagnosis: much more discriminating than biopsy. #…17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: .@DrAndrewLoblaw says @Sunnybrook is only Canadian centre to offer transperineal prostate biopsy. It's much safer than …17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: What we need is research to understand which prostate cancers will have major consequences for men and which won't. #AR17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: More @Cancer_Strategy-funded work: rapid lit review on economic evaluation of smoking cessation in oncology #ARCC2015 h…17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: Gunita Mitera presents @Cancer_Strategy's rectal cancer care quality improvement initiatives. Board 28. #ARCC2015 http:…17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: Perusing the posters at #ARCC2015. There's a nice one from @AYACancerAlly, supported by @Cancer_Strategy. Board 41. htt…17 hours ago
@Cancer_StrategyRT @MArgentKatwala: Now we're asking our @Cancer_Strategy guests what they could do in just 15 months to integrate tobacco cessation into t…5 days ago