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    Le cancer chez les jeunes
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Cancer evidence curated:

Image of Dr. Anne Katz

How to talk to patients about evidence

Dr. Anne Katz, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Sexuality Counsellor at Cancer Care Manitoba discusses how to talk to patients about evidence.

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Featured image

Franny and Zooey explain evidence

This video explains three key principles included in critical thinking: correlation is not causality, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and false conclusions from cherry picked data.

All the evidence that’s fit for print: An evidently podcast

All the evidence that’s fit for print: An evidently podcast

In this podcast episode, we spoke with a cancer researcher, a doctor, journalists and a patient navigator to discover how we get evidence right, and how it can do wrong.

File folders of resources

Recommended resources: Evidence

These resources for health-care professionals were curated by the 1 in 3 team.

Dr. Ronald Barr

Video interview with Dr. Ronald Barr

Dr. Ronald Barr, pediatrician at McMaster University Health Sciences, discusses his experiences and approaches in delivering bad news to adolescents and young adults

Google Hangout

Young People and Cancer: A hangout

Listen to how young Canadians dealt with their cancer diagnosis and the challenges they faced throughout their cancer journey.

Laura Mitchell

Q&A with Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program at Princess Margaret Hospital, talks about her role in helping young adults and their families deal with the changes a cancer diagnosis brings to their lives.

Google hangout - Danelle

Cancer and Young People: A Hangout with Danelle Lesley Titus

Listen to how a young Canadian dealt with her cancer diagnosis and the challenges she faced throughout her cancer journey.

Featured image - Y&C&F

Youth and cancer: Fieldnotes

How is cancer different for youth? Read to learn more about the issues and outcomes when cancer strikes adolescents and young adults.

@Cancer_StrategyRT @CAPACP: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer releases Lung Cancer Screening Framework for Canada - http://t.co/pMxpXJ0uUO @Cancer_Strate10 hours ago
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@Cancer_StrategyRT @DrAnneKatz: Something I did recently for @Cancer_Strategy - How to talk to patients about evidence - http://t.co/oirpv7cMPR - via @canc4 days ago
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@Cancer_StrategyRT @IanJohnPereira: Greenberg: AYA task force to address psychosocial issues incl research & advocacy. http://t.co/KirqLE7SSM v @Cancer_Str4 days ago
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