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Dr. Deborah Dudgeon

Interview with Dr. Deborah Dudgeon

The Partnership’s Dr. Deborah Dudgeon discusses palliative care and cancer.

Dr. David Armstrong

Interview with Dr. David Armstrong

Dr. David Armstrong discusses advances in colorectal screening and cancer prevention.

Dr. Blake Gilks

Interview with Dr. Blake Gilks

Dr. Blake Gilks discusses advances in gynaecological cancer control and prevention.

Dr. Kelly Dabbs

Interview with Dr. Kelly Dabbs

Dr. Kelly Dabbs discusses advances in breast cancer survival rates and survivorship.

Dr. Pippa Hawley

Interview with Dr. Pippa Hawley

Dr. Pippa Hawley discusses advances in palliative and end-of-life cancer care.

Dr. Kami Kandola

Interview with Dr. Kami Kandola

Dr. Kami Kandola discusses the advances in screening and detection in the Northwest Territories that most excite her.

Dr. Geoff Porter

Interview with Dr. Geoff Porter

In this video, for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s celebration of World Cancer Day, Dr. Geoff Porter discusses the progress and innovation in the cancer system he’s most excited about, and explains the advantages of synoptic reporting.

We begin

We begin

A quick sampler of the setup and launch of our World Cancer Day Event.

Dr. Ronald Barr

Video interview with Dr. Ronald Barr

Dr. Ronald Barr, pediatrician at McMaster University Health Sciences, discusses his experiences and approaches in delivering bad news to adolescents and young adults

Google Hangout

Young People and Cancer: A hangout

Listen to how young Canadians dealt with their cancer diagnosis and the challenges they faced throughout their cancer journey.

Google hangout - Danelle

Cancer and Young People: A Hangout with Danelle Lesley Titus

Listen to how a young Canadian dealt with her cancer diagnosis and the challenges she faced throughout her cancer journey.

The Truth of It

The Truth of It video series

Everyone’s cancer journey is unique. Listen to the stories of others who received their cancer diagnosis in their adolescence, and how it impacted their lives.