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About the cancerview digest

The cancerview digest makes the connection between the latest cancer evidence and what it means in practice.  Each month, we turn our attention to a key topic in cancer. We pick it up and we look at it from all angles. We talk to the experts, we examine the data and we curate the web to bring you novel knowledge products, unpacking each topic in the process.

This site is the companion blog to, and is brought to you by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, an organization created by the federal government with funding from Health Canada to move Canada’s cancer strategy into action and help it succeed.

Our goals for the cancerview digest are to:

  • Synthesize the evidence and connect it to practice.
  • Produce and curate novel knowledge products that you can use and share.
  • Build a hub of  accessible cancer expertise and information.


This digest is a forum for the open exchange of ideas, expertise and knowledge about evidence and cancer. The information presented and views expressed on the cancerview digest do not necessarily represent the views of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

The cancerview digest team:

The cancerview digest team includes representatives from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s Digital Strategy team.

Team members:

Jocelyn Healey, Digital Communications Officer
Kirsten Jordan, Manager, Digital Strategy and Services
Pierre Lachaine, Online Writer/Editor
Alicja Podgorski, Online Content Officer

Editorial Committee:

An editorial committee has been created to ensure that the cancerview digest is developed as a credible, accurate and evidence-based knowledge product. Membership includes representatives from across the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer to ensure diverse perspectives and expertise are included within the committee.


Nicole Beben, Vice President, Strategy
Dr. Heather Bryant, Vice President, Cancer Control
Rami Rahal, Director, System Performance & Surveillance
Lesley Frey, Manager, Corporate Communications
Kenneth Tong, Specialist, Digital Engagement and Outreach

Dr. Mike Evans, Advisor

Dr. Mike Evans is Advisor to the cancerview digest.

Dr. Evans is a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. He runs a busy inner city practice.

Dr. Evans runs a different kind of health lab where there are no white coats or test tubes. Instead the lab fuses “creatives,” such as film makers and illustrators, with clinicians and best evidence. He has started a medical school for the public (Mini-Med School @ U of T), written an award winning kids book (the Adventures of Medical Man), Chief Edited a textbook of medicine, been Scientific Officer for Knowledge Translation at the CIHR, and is the nationally syndicated house doctor for CBC weekend morning radio.  His video “23 and ½ hours” has been seen by over 4 million people and his Medical School for the Public on YouTube has been viewed by over 7 million people worldwide. Recent awards include the Gold Medal for Social Media at the Web Health Awards, Zoomer top 45 Canadians over 45, and was picked by the CBC as one the five “Health Heroes of 2012.” His work has been profiled widely in sources as varied as JAMA, Walrus Magazine, MacroWikinomics, The BMJ, and the hit series “Orange is the New Black.” He lives in the Annex area of Toronto with his family of five who all play hockey.

Wendy Rowland, Filmmaker

Wendy has worked as a documentary director and editor for CBC, CTV and the National Film Board of Canada.  Most recently, she produced, directed and wrote a one-hour documentary entitled Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution about the science of aging for The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.  Rowland’s previous film, Bloodlines, produced for CTV tells the human story of gene hunting as we meet the individuals taking part in large, private and publicly funded studies and examines the difficult ethical, scientific and political issues that go hand in hand with human genetic research. She received her master’s degree in Cinema Studies from NYU and a BAH from Queen’s University.  Other documentaries directed by Wendy include: Raising Rover (CTV), The Prom (TVO and NFB), Kid Nerd (editor, NFB), On Her Baldness (CBC, Toronto Festival of Festivals, 1990).