Cancer myths

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World Cancer Day 2014 targets cancer myths

The 2014 World Cancer Day is focused on dispelling widely held beliefs about cancer.

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz talks about cancer prevention in Canada

Canadians need to know that they are very fortunate to have a national strategy for cancer control in Canada. There are a number of provincial cancer plans. There are tremendous resources being put into improving our ability to screen cancer and prevent cancer and optimal treatment and care.” Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Clinical Department Head, Princess Margaret Hospital and President, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Dr. Heather Bryant

Dr. Heather Bryant’s busts her top four Canadian cancer myths

Dr. Heather Bryant, Vice-President of Cancer Control at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Union for International Cancer Control board member debunks what she believes to be the top 4 Canadian cancer myths.

Dr. Bernard Badley

Myth: I have no symptoms, so I don’t need to get screened for colorectal cancer

Dr. Bernard Badley, Medical Director at Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Colon Cancer Prevention program, discusses the importance of screening for colorectal cancer in those who are 50 or over even if they don’t have symptoms.

Dr. Robert Strang

Myth: Tanning beds are safer than outdoor tanning

Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Public Health Officer in Nova Scotia, tackles the belief that tanning beds are a safer alternative to tanning outdoors.

Anne-Marie Nicol

Myth: Carcinogens don’t cause cancer

Anne-Marie Nicol, Principal Investigator of CAREX Canada and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, looks at the myth that “there’s nothing I can do about cancer” when it comes to carcinogenic substances in the environment.

Michelle Sheppard

Myth: There’s nothing I can do to help prevent cancer

Michelle Sheppard, a registered dietician at the BC Cancer Agency, dispels the myth that there’s nothing that Canadians can do to help prevent cancer.

Suzanne Dubois

Myth: Cancer is a death sentence

Suzanne Dubois, Executive Director at the Canadian Cancer Society in Quebec, helps to bust the myth that cancer is a death sentence.

Dr. Derek Muradali

Myth: I feel healthy, so I don’t have cancer

Dr. Derek Muradali, Chief Radiologist of the Ontario Breast Cancer Screening Program, debunks the myth that if you feel healthy you don’t need to get screened for breast cancer.

Canadian Cancer Society logo

Cancer myths and controversies

The Canadian Cancer Society has compiled and responded to a number of common Canadian cancer myths and misconceptions.

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Myths and facts about lung cancer

Lung Cancer Canada looks at lung cancer myths, such as “only smokers get lung cancer.”

International Agency for Research on Cancer

World Cancer Report 2014

The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s World Cancer Report 2014 looks at cancer patterns, causes and prevention from a global perspective.