World Cancer Day 2015

Shelly Jaimeson

Interview with Shelly Jamieson

The Partnership’s CEO, Shelly Jamieson, shares the learnings from the day that had the deepest impact on her and which could change the face of cancer control in Canada.

Chris Power

Interview with Chris Power

The Partnership’s Chair, Chris Power, reflects on the World Cancer Day Event.

Dr. Heather Bryant

Interview with Dr. Heather Bryant

At the end of the Cancer Control Day Event at the MaRS Centre, Dr. Heather Bryant reflects on how patient centred care and the need for more and better data were two themes that ran through the sessions.

Dr. Jon Kerner

Interview with Dr. Jon Kerner

The Partnership’s Dr. Jon Kerner discusses the polarities of cancer control interventions at the personal and systemic levels.

Dr. Verna Mai

Interview with Dr. Verna Mai

The Partnership’s Dr. Verna Mai discusses evidence-based interventions for cancer control.

Dr. Ken Stewart

Interview with Dr. Ken Stewart

Dr. Ken Stewart highlights the advances he’s most positive about in the system level of cancer control.

Dr. Deborah Dudgeon

Interview with Dr. Deborah Dudgeon

The Partnership’s Dr. Deborah Dudgeon discusses palliative care and cancer.

Dr. David Armstrong

Interview with Dr. David Armstrong

Dr. David Armstrong discusses advances in colorectal screening and cancer prevention.

Dr. Blake Gilks

Interview with Dr. Blake Gilks

Dr. Blake Gilks discusses advances in gynaecological cancer control and prevention.

Dr. Kelly Dabbs

Interview with Dr. Kelly Dabbs

Dr. Kelly Dabbs discusses advances in breast cancer survival rates and survivorship.

Dr. Pippa Hawley

Interview with Dr. Pippa Hawley

Dr. Pippa Hawley discusses advances in palliative and end-of-life cancer care.

Dr. Kami Kandola

Interview with Dr. Kami Kandola

Dr. Kami Kandola discusses the advances in screening and detection in the Northwest Territories that most excite her.