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Population Health Report

Where the cancer fight strikes closest to home

A new landmark report, Population Health in Canada’s Largest Cities, assesses differences in the cancer risks of populations in Canada’s largest cities. Led by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the report finds that western municipalities overall have healthier lifestyles than their eastern counterparts, and better cancer risk profiles as a result.

Chief Stan Beardy

Early Detection, the Path to the Good Life

Assembly of First Nations Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy talks about his experience as a colorectal cancer survivor, and the benefits to screening and early detection.

Dr. David Armstrong

In conversation with Dr. David Armstrong and Dr. Heather Bryant

Dr. David Armstrong, Chair, National Colorectal Cancer Screening Network, talks to Dr. Heather Bryant about colon cancer screening.

Dr. Catherine Dubé

Any recommended screening is good screening

Dr. Catherine Dubé talks about the importance of colon cancer screening for all Canadians over age 50

It's Time For Canadians To Have A Colonversation logo

It’s time for Canadians to start talking about colon cancer screening

Colon cancer is Canada’s third most common cancer. Learn more about why you should be getting screened if you are over the age of 50.

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada logo

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) is dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer.

Colon image

Five feet of fabulous

Are you treating your colon like the five feet of fabulous that it is?

CancerCare Manitoba : ColonCheck logo

CancerCare Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba’s ColonCheck is focused on increasing colon cancer screening rates in the province. logo

Colonversation is a national resource for all Canadians to learn more about the importance of colon cancer screening.

Map of Canada logo

Where to get screened?

Learn more about colon cancer screening programs in Canada.

The Colon Cancer Home Screening Kit logo

How to use a colon cancer screening test at home

Using an at-home test is the first step in screening for average risk Canadians over the age of 50. Learn more about how to use this test.

Colorectal cancer screening guidelines logo

Colorectal cancer screening guidelines

This information compares current colon cancer screening guidelines and evidence-based recommendations in order to identify leading practices.