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Recommended resources: Evidence

These resources for health-care professionals were curated by the 1 in 3 team.

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Youth and cancer: Fieldnotes

How is cancer different for youth? Read to learn more about the issues and outcomes when cancer strikes adolescents and young adults.


In this podcast episode we are taking you to the frontlines of adolescents and young adult cancer. Listen up.

Recommended resources

Cancer in young people: Recommended resources

These resources for health-care professionals were curated by the 1 in 3 team.

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Take Action on Radon

Take Action on Radon educates Canadians about radon and its associated health concerns.

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CAREX (CARcinogen Exposure)

CAREX (CARcinogen Exposure) is a national evidence-based carcinogen surveillance program that estimates the number of Canadians exposed to substances associated with cancer, like radon, in workplace and community environments.

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Machealth: Radon Education Program

This McMaster University Health Sciences program helps primary care providers answer their patients’ questions about radon.

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Health Canada

This Health Canada website helps Canadians reduce their health risks from radon exposure.

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Do you know how to protect your lungs?

Take the Lung Association’s quiz on radon to learn how to protect your lungs.

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Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) is dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer.

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Five feet of fabulous

Are you treating your colon like the five feet of fabulous that it is?

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CancerCare Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba’s ColonCheck is focused on increasing colon cancer screening rates in the province.