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Where to get screened?

Learn more about colon cancer screening programs in Canada.

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How to use a colon cancer screening test at home

Using an at-home test is the first step in screening for average risk Canadians over the age of 50. Learn more about how to use this test.

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Colorectal cancer screening guidelines

This information compares current colon cancer screening guidelines and evidence-based recommendations in order to identify leading practices.

Awareness campaigns

See what others say about colon cancer screening

If everyone over the age of 50 were to get checked regularly for colon cancer, it could be stopped in its tracks. Choose a video and see what others are saying about getting screened for colon cancer.

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Health P.E.I.

Learn more about Health PEI’s joint colon cancer screening awareness campaign with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Dr. Bernard Badley

Myth: I have no symptoms, so I don’t need to get screened for colorectal cancer

Dr. Bernard Badley, Medical Director at Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Colon Cancer Prevention program, discusses the importance of screening for colorectal cancer in those who are 50 or over even if they don’t have symptoms.