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Chief Stan Beardy

Early Detection, the Path to the Good Life

Assembly of First Nations Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy talks about his experience as a colorectal cancer survivor, and the benefits to screening and early detection.

A Man’s Story: Prostate Cancer in the Aboriginal Community

A Man’s Story: Prostate Cancer in the Aboriginal Community

Facilitated by Prostate Cancer Canada and its Network in Thunder Bay, “A Man’s Story” is a video on prostate cancer in the Aboriginal community in Ontario, and the importance of its early detection and treatment.

Smoking cessation playlist

Smoking awareness campaigns

There are roughly 1 billion smokers in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Choose a video to watch smoking cessation campaigns from governments and non-profits around the world to see how they’re working to bring that number down.

Awareness campaigns

See what others say about colon cancer screening

If everyone over the age of 50 were to get checked regularly for colon cancer, it could be stopped in its tracks. Choose a video and see what others are saying about getting screened for colon cancer.